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Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Sunday, June 01, 2014

Talk is Not Enough. Activating Broader and Deeper Levels of Healing

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(1.5 CE)

  • Karen Newell & Eben Alexander, MD
    Developers of Sacred Acoustics, Author Proof of Heaven
  • Rollin McCraty, PhD
    Energetic Connectivity: Coherence, Intuition & The Heart Field Environment
  • Donna Eden & David Feinstein, PhD
    Bringing Energy Medicine to Trauma Treatment
  • Bruce Ecker, PhD
    Memory Re-consolidation: Innate, Core Process of Transformational Change Within Diverse Psychotherapies
  • Jack Canfield 
    Success Principles for Healers & Therapists

Wed, May 28 - Thur, May 29, 2014 - Pre Conference
Fri, May 30 - Sun, June 1 - Main Conference
Mon, June 2 - Tues, June 3 - Post Conference


One Day Pre Con Workshops (6 CE)
Thur 9-5pm (Includes Thur. Evening Keynote)

  •  7 Yoga Skills to Empower Your Client & Take Care of You! - Amy Weintraub, MFA/Harriet Mall, PhD  
  •  Foundations of the Master/Chinese Energetics Every EP Should Posses - Ted Cibik, DP, DMQ
  •  Heal Trauma Safely & Efficiently with Eye Movements & Acupressure - John Hartung, PsyD      
  •  Healing "Bottom-of-the-Well” Depths of Subconscious Body/Energy/Mind - Larry Nims, PhD/Alfred Heath, MA, LPC
  •  Healing Relational Trauma with Somatic Experiencing - Maggie Phillips, PhD
  •  Mindfulness-Based EP (MBEP) and Toglen - Fred Gallo, PhD
  •  Phoenix Effect Process: Focused Mindfulness to Transform - Gloria Arenson, MFT
  •  Using Ask & Receive for Physical Issues - Sandra Radomski, LCSW/Tom Altaffer, LCSW
  •  Using EP for Attachment, Autism Spectrum Disorders - Mary Hammond, LPC/Mandi Freger, M.Ed.  
  •  What Energy Medicine Has to Offer Energy Psychology - Donna Eden/David Feinstein, PhD

Thurs, 1 - 5PM - 1/2 Day Research Symposium

(free with full conference registration). CLICK HERE for schedule

Two Day Pre Con Workshops
(Wed & Thur)
(Includes Thur Evening Keynote)                                      

  • Essential Skills in CEP - Level 1
    Stephanie Eldringhoff, PhD
  • TFT Training Made Easy:
    Algorithm Training & Clinical Applications 

    Suzanne Connolly, LCSW, LMFT

     Invited Presenters

  • Cassandra Vieten, PhD - President of IONS       
  • Gregory Nicosia, PhD - Past President of ACEP
  • Roger Jahnke, OMD - Qi Gong Master 
  • Wendy McCarty, PhD, RN - World Leader in Pre Perinatal Psychology

One Day Post Con Workshops
  • Applying Success Principles for
    Healers and Therapists

    Jack Canfield
  • Holographic Memory Resolution for Trauma
    Brent Baum, SSL, CADC
Two Day Post Con Workshop
(Mon and Tue)
 Essential Skills in CEP - Level 2 
 Stephanie Eldringhoff, PhD

Plus a world class breakout session faculty! Organized into nine tracks including, Fundamentals of Energy Psychology, Qi Gong and TCM

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